A Few General Plumbing Customer Testimonials

Shane G.

Newark, CA



Hi, My father had a problem with his sewer line being backed up. He called several plumbing companies out to figure out the problem with his sewer line. the first two companies that came out both agreed that my fathers sewer line was packed in roots and would  need a total replacment at the cost of around 8- 11,000 dollers. So he called out one last company for a final estimate, and General plumbing and Rooter came out. I have to say, me being in this business was very impressed from the moment they showed up. They took the time to explain what the problem was and never tried to exaggerate the problem. they gave my father a price that was more then fifty percent lower then the other contractors which made me a little sceptical on the quality of work and the material that they might use. So my father hired them for the job.  this company performed the work the very next day on a holiday weekend, me and my father watched them do the job, they were so perfessional and used the highest quality material and gave us a five year warranty! My father was so happy with the sense of urgency and quality of work they did! if you ever need a honest plumber that will do a great  job at a fantistic price, I would highly reccommed these guys for all you plumbing needs! what a great experience me and my father had in hiring  General plumbing and rooter company!!

Jaime N.

Lafayette, CA

Updated – 11/15/2010


Recently bought my home in Lafayette  and have had several local plumbers come to the house for the same issue. I had been quoted various prices and problems and was upset with the whole process. On Nov  24th I called General Plumbing . They had a technician at my home in less than an hour. I explained I wanted a detailed diagnostic and evaluation. They brought a colored camera to my home and created a disc so if I didn’t have them fix any problems they might find I had the data I needed to provide others or myself. They also had me watch them when they did the camera to show me all the different areas of problems. This was the most thorough diagnosis I have ever seen. I have had 3 companies come take roots out of my pipes and I could clearly see that they were all still there! How could this be?! Hugo and David  were the best in explaining how they clean the pipes and also told me of alternative things you can do to eliminate permanently tree roots from getting in the sewer pipe. I felt so confident with their recommendations and observations I finally had someone correct my problems once and for all. I have finally set up my plumbing relationship and will be calling them for my maintenance needs. Living in a very tree populated area there is always need to review the pipes yearly. I have already recommended them to all my friends and co-workers and will continue to do so. My only regret is I didn’t call the sooner.

gio d.

Pleasant Hill, CA



They did a great job identifying two problems in about 5 minutes
Very clean and professional
5 star service at 3 star prices

Efrain d.

Concord, CA



The plumbing backed up on a Friday night – after 7pm of course. We called a few “Roto Router” types and the estimates started at $250! I then called General Plumbing and a Friendly, nice, professional  Tech. showed up at my house by 8:20 and only charged me $150! He cleared the drain, explained everything that was going on, and ran a camera through the drain for free so we could see the root blockage. We loved him so much we hired him back to do a full hydrojet job on the drain line. He charged about 1/2 of what others told us it would cost and guarantied it for a year. He’s a no b.s. guy who is very honest and trustworthy. He doesn’t gouge your wallet or try to sell you on things you don’t need.

Enrique R.

Antioch, CA



Ray and his team are the best! They arrived and made my plumbing nightmares go away. I had a leak in my apartment and had to shut off my water. They came right away, found the problem and fixed it. I expected a big bill for the job, but I was surprised how reasonable it was. I usually don’t feel comfortable having people in my home, but John and his team made me feel secure and calm. I feel the professionalism along with the speedy service, not to mention the great price, makes them one if not the B E S T  around.

Aja M.

Walnut Creek, CA



Wow. What a great experience. Our sink had been leaking for years and had a bowl under it to catch the little drips…until a couple of nights ago when the bowl must have moved and suddenly the cabinet and kitchen floor were flooded. My husband was going to go to Home Depot, get PVC pipe, PVC saw, and fix it himself. But I turned to Yelp and told him that it would be cheaper (and, ahem, faster) to go with the highly rated General Plumbing . After debating the cost and time it would take my husband to try and fix it v. a plumber, we agreed that we’d decide on which way to go in the morning, depending on if the plumber had contacted us and when he could get us in.

Email sent at 12:02 am.

Fast forward 12 hours later (noon) and our kitchen sink is fixed.

That is amazing service. Seriously. He was knowledgeable, had everything he needed to fix the sink right on his truck and very reasonably priced. And he accepted a check!

Pay no attention to any negative reviews , they clearly fall in the category of “nothing would please this person” and should be dismissed.

isabell w.

Concord, CA



They did great work when my landlord went MIA. The plumber identified the two issues in about 5 minutes (landlord = oh, a year and never did fix it right since he focused on the wrong thing) and fixed them as best he could while keeping it toward the lower-end of the price range. He did however tell me what else we could do to limit future issues/damage.

the dispatcher was very clear in what the rate would be and I got a call about 30 minutes before the plumber arrived and he came exactly when the office said

Mari V.

Antioch, CA



I called for an emergency, I had sewage spilling into my front yard…GROSS!! To top it off it was on the weekend and after hours. I called around to several plumbing companies and was be transferred into a voice mail with the promise that somebody would call me right back, when I called General Plumbing I was actually answered by a LIVE person, bonus!! The technician arrived within the hour and was very polite and professional (even though I dragged out in the middle of night) The price was great, no extra charge for after hours. I’ve paid more during “regular” hours with my then regular plumber for the same services! Needless to say I have found my new Plumbing Company!!

This is the company to call !!!

After weeks of putting up with slooooooooooowwww drains in the kitchen and bath, I went on yellow pages and started reading plumbing reviews. This sounded like an o.k. company so I called. That same day, they ACTUALLY arrived when they said they would. In less than an hour my drains were running smoothly. The plumber was not only capable, but hurried doing his work. The price was EXACTLY as quoted on the phone. Definitely recommend this company!

Superb service and very clean

The plumbers from this company are thorough and very clean. After we had a sewage backup, they removed the toilet and throughly cleaned the floor all around the toilet before resealing it.

Fast And Friendly

It was sunday night, and I had a very bad sewer problem. when I called one of the Big Companies. I was told a plumber would call me right away. About an hour later I recieved a call, the plumber told me it would be $375.00 to do the repair plus a trip charge. I told the plumber not to come. He acted as if that was the answer he wanted. When I called General Plumbing, the technician showed up in less than an hour and was able to fix the plumbing and clean the patio where the sewer overflowed, all this for a lot less than what the other guy wanted . Then he left me discount cards to give out at work. I tell you this is just the best service I have ever had.

A Name You Need To Know !!

The technician was a nice young man, was neat, and didn’t add on service that wasn’t needed. Their phone representative was very helpful, and the technician arrived when they said they would. I would definetly use them again and refer them to anyone

Highly recommended

My kitchen sink stopped up & nothing my husband did could break it free. Our 1st floor bathroom is in the process of being remodeled, so the Kitchen is the only source of water on the ground floor. Needless to say, I needed it fixed fast and done right. I found General Plumbing and chose to give them a call as they are a local company to see if they could fit me into their schedule sooner rather than later as the "big" guys couldn’t fit me in for a week. And they did get me in right away (same day service) .Hugo was polite, clean, & got the job done quickly & quietly. Not to mention a heck of a lot cheaper than the "big" guys! I have a second bathroom in my home that is due for remodeling in the spring & They are definately going to get my business Thanks!!!!!

Just in time for Christmas

I was shocked on how fast they got to my emergency. The quality of workers they use to get the job done was nothing like I have seen before and their pricing was fair. Thank you

Happy camper

Over the weekend i had a ploblem with my bath tub and i called this company and let me just take the time to say that i was very happy with the price and work that was done at my home. The phone service was perfect and Luis, thePlumbing specialist was exceptionally awesome!! My bathroom was flooded and he discovered the ‘root’ of the problem in my pipes. He gave me an estimate upon seeing the problem and there were no hidden costs. Plumbing businesses around the county have a lot to live up to!! I highly recommend this businessto all my friends,collegues and relatives and will definitely use them again!! THANK YOU GUYS!

Great Team!!

Originally we called Roto Rooter to clean the sewer system,the plumber was really nice, but he could not open the line because was really clogged and broken. So Our only option was to replace the entire pipe, unfortunately for us They were booked for two weeks,So we went online and found General Plumbing and within minutes Hugo showed up and gave us a qoute that was very similar to Roto Rooter’s,And wit a 10% discount plus an additional 5% because we are seniors we saved over $12000 dollars.

They were able to start right away because they have a dedicated crew to handle emergencies.

I’m so glad I called them

Thanks Hugo and crew!


Gratefull client.

They did it again!

Just like the first time. I own several restaurants (breakfast and lunch) and We always have problems with the toilets;especially when we are packed

I called Marisa and told her that I had an emergency,she sent David

He fixed the toilet and helped us clean the bathroom so we coul open it again.

Kudos to General plumbing warriors.


True 5 star service

They came highly recommended by a co-worker,

they deserve more than 5 stars, i had no use of any of the toilets it was a real emergency to me; i have 3 kids and an elderly person at home so we had to get the toilets working as soon as possible. I called General Plumbing and Hugo showed up whitin 30 minutes. He quickly started to work on the pipe and was able to open the line for me.

his estimate was a lot less than the rooter companies.

Thanks again Hugo.

Will recommend your company to friends and neighbors.

Life savers

Everything started on friday morning,

I tried to fix a pipe on the water heater and it all started to come apart

I went online and found general plumbing,called and Ray sent one of the techs that was two blocks from my place.Gave me a two options and I ended up with new water heater and and some extra work under the sink at no extra charge.





above and beyond

they were very polite on the phone, quick response and very affordable prices they will be my plumbers from now on

Clean Work and on time

General Plumbing was quick to respond to my plumbing problem. I would recommend them for all you plumbingneeds. Quick and professional service.