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    Your home or commercial plumbing system is a big part of your daily life. A clog or backup could mean huge inconveniences, downtime, and costly repairs. When you need assistance with your plumbing in Alameda County, CA, General Plumbing & Rooter is here to help with a full range of services. 

    Doing business since 2005, we are Diamond Certified and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We also maintain a 5-star average review on Yelp for our quality plumbing and trenchless services. Here are the solutions that you can expect from our plumbing company in Alameda County, CA:

    High-Quality Plumbing Services

    Our plumbing services in Alameda County, CA are designed to address issues with fixtures and other plumbing components. Common plumbing issues include clogs, leaks, loss of hot water, and low water pressure. If you experience any of these common problems, it is time to call an experienced plumber in Alameda County, CA, from General Plumbing & Rooter. From general bathroom and kitchen plumbing to leak detection and water heater repair, we offer a variety of services to keep your home systems running smoothly. Our solutions also come at reasonable prices, so you will not have to go over your budget just to ensure a fully functioning plumbing system.

    Professional Trenchless Sewer Repair

    One of the most disheartening malfunctions that can occur involves the bursting of pipes. More common during cold winter months, pipes can burst causing seepage and groundwater infiltration. Instead of digging up large areas around your home or business, performing trenchless sewer repair in Alameda County, CA, allows us to pinpoint the problem and correct it by manipulating a small segment of pipe. Trenchless pipe bursting is also an option for pipes that have erupted, causing a blockage within the pipes themselves. When it comes to minimally invasive services that are done in a timely and efficient manner, General Plumbing & Rooter is here to help.

    Top-Notch Hydro Jetting Services

    Clogs and build up in residential and commercial pipes can cause water backup, overflow, and potential flooding. One of the most modern solutions for clogs involves the use of hydro jetting. This practice involves the use of powerful bursts of water to clear blockages and preserve pipe structure. Whether you have a large blockage at your business or a small clog at your home, General Plumbing & Rooter hydro jetting in Alameda County, CA, can be a viable solution. What’s more, this is an environmentally friendly solution that is also minimally invasive, so you will not have to worry about any extended downtime or disruptions.

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    If you are looking for reliable plumbing services in Alameda County, CA, get in touch with the General Plumbing & Rooter team. Whether you are in need of spot repair services, trenchless sewer repair, or hydro jetting services, we are here to help. Call us today or fill out our online form to learn more about our wide range of solutions or to schedule an appointment. We also serve the following locations:

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