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    Most residential and commercial property owners will dread the first signs of a leak. However, the modern conveniences associated with trenchless pipe repair will remove the hassle associated with your leaky pipe and allow General Plumbing and Rooter to fix your leak efficiently with minimal impact to your property. We service residential and commercial customers in Alameda and Contra Costa County. Quick action is needed to keep costs low and repairs simple, so let us take care of your leaking pipe.

    Symptoms of a Leaking Pipe

    Some signs of a leak are obvious while others are not. Understanding the signs of a leaking pipe can help you identify a leak in its early stages and seek help from a professional. Symptoms of a leaking pipe can include a sudden spike in your utility bills, hearing running water when all of your appliances are turned off, and noticing water damage or mold in and around your property. If you’ve had heavy construction nearby, the ground can shift and cause a leak in your system. Tree roots can invade your pipes and lead to leaks or other damage. Contact General Plumbing and Rooter at the first sign of a leak to get started with your repairs.

    Your Options for Fixing a Leaking Pipe

    We offer many different techniques that can be used to repair your leaky pipe. When tree root invasion or other blockages are present, drain cleaning can clear the obstruction. Hydro jetting is the most common, and it involves using a high-powered stream of water to break down and wash away debris. A leak usually means there is damage present in your plumbing system. Pipe repair or even pipe replacement is typically necessary to fully restore your pipes. We offer trenchless pipe repair that will eliminate the need for digging on your property and can be completed from a nearby access point. Our technician will assess your damage and let you know what repairs are appropriate.

    Maintaining Your Contra Costa County Pipes

    Some leaks are caused by misuse of your fixtures or other preventable actions. Don’t put grease, food scraps, or paper products down your drains. Toilet paper is the only material that should be flushed and all other paper towels, cleaning wipes, and other materials should be thrown away. If a clog occurs, do not use harsh chemicals or mechanical devices to clear the obstruction because they can harm your pipes. Our team at General Plumbing and Rooter can also help you put together a maintenance plan. Periodic inspections or even drain cleaning can be used to keep your pipes running smoothly and free of obstructions.

    General Plumbing and Rooter is Your Resource for Leaking Pipes

    Our team has decades of experience with modern technology to provide the highest quality pipe repair and replacement services in Contra Costa County. We customize your drain cleaning and pipe repair to fit your needs without tacking on unnecessary fees. Our honest, upfront pricing is matched by prompt and friendly service. If you think you have a leak, trust the experts at General Plumbing and Rooter.

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