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    A decrease in water pressure means an increase in water-related problems. Cleaning takes more time, and efficiency is greatly reduced overall. Vigilant Bay Area property owners may notice slow decrease in water pressure over time, while other times a significant change is noted all at once. No matter what, low water pressure is a sign of greater problems that should be dealt with in a timely manner in order to preserve the plumbing system altogether.

    Blockages that Impede Pipe Flow

    Sometimes water pressure decreases thanks to a blockage somewhere in the pipe system. For example, if sentiment enters the water main line, small rocks may travel through the pipes to a sink, where it gets caught in the fixture and limits the flow. A blockage can be localized, as in the case mentioned, or it may be experienced on a larger scale. Our plumbing professionals will likely try to pinpoint the possible location of a blockage by testing the pressure at various areas within a property. If more than one are is affected, then the blockage is likely further up the line. A camera inspection can also help to determine if a blockage is the culprit of low water pressure issues. If so, the camera equipment that we use will be able to zero in on the exact spot the blockage has occurred before going in for the removal.

    Pipe Breaks within Your Sewer and Drain System

    A breakage in the pipeline can cause multiple issues, low water pressure being one of them. When water is leaking out through a crack or fracture, there isn’t enough left to create the type of pressure that property owners are accustomed to. In addition, breakages can lead to blockages. If a break in the line occurs underground, this allows for potential sediment to enter the line, compromising both the flow and the sanitation of the water inside the home or business. A break in the line can be located using various types of equipment, including visual and audio technology, depending upon the situation. Once a break is found, our trained professionals will recommend the most speedy and efficient course of action to fix the broken pipe.

    Buildup within Your Bay Area Pipes

    Over time, water can leave deposits inside the pipe walls that grows into a substantial amount of build up, which can end up limiting water flow. Minerals in the water have a tendency to calcify and harden, adhering to the pipe surface and accumulating into a larger problem. Build up decreases water pressure slowly, so sometimes it’s hard to determine the difference. That’s why we like to recommend a regular schedule of pipe cleaning. Our hydro jet procedure is gentle and effective in removing scaly buildup and freeing the water to move through the pipes in the way it was always intended. Build up is one of those silent villains that have the potential to create big issues for plumbing systems if left unchecked.

    Let Our Team Solve Your Low Water Pressure Problems Today

    If you’re experiencing low water pressure, give our team of professionals at General Plumbing and Rooter a call. We’re happy to come give a free estimate throughout all of the Contra Costa and Alameda area. Remember that low water pressure is more than an inconvenience, it’s a problem that can multiply if not dealt with promptly.

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