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    The aging of a property is inevitable, and with it comes an aging of the plumbing system. Classic homes are charming, outdated plumbing systems are not. That’s why it’s important for owners of older properties to be mindful of regular plumbing inspections. Old pipes are likely to become brittle over time which could lead to bursting and major property damage.

    How Old PIpes can Create Problems

    Homes built prior to the 1970’s may have been constructed with materials that are not used today. Metal plumbing pipes are prone to corrosion and deterioration that weaken the structure as a whole. Today contractors typically use of copper, PVC, and CPVC piping for plumbing purposes, which has shown increased durability and longevity when compared to older materials. Plumbing systems that were installed several decades ago have seen significant aging along with normal wear and tear, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them for any sign of problems. When a plumbing problem arises, the more fragile nature of older materials sends a warning message to our professionals, because of the volatility that those pipes present. What might be considered a minor issue for a newer home, becomes a more serious issue for homes with aged pipes.

    Signs Your Contra Costa County Pipes are Aging

    While the occasional plumbing problem such as slow drains or low water pressure is a normal part of property ownership, these types of problems are more serious when an older plumbing system is taken into account. In addition, if problems are occurring regularly, that’s even more of an indication that the plumbing system is in duress. A general slowing of the drain system is a good indication that failures may be cropping up in unseen places, as are slow flushing toilets. Repeated clogs or blockages are another red flag. Discolored water or a staining of tubs and sink basins is another sign of problems, because that indicates corrosion is flowing through the water system. That’s not a good scenario for the home or the humans within it. And of course, an unusually high water bill, visible flooding inside or outside, or low overall water pressure are also warning signs that should be taken seriously.

    Old Pipe Repair

    In some cases, old pipes can be patched without a complete system replacement. From a financial standpoint, obviously this is preferred, as long as there is no imminent threat of major ruptures in the pipe lines. In other cases, our professionals will recommend a complete removal and replacement of all the pipes. Yes, this is a major procedure that will require the removal of drywall and flooring, but in the long run it will prevent an emergency flooding situation. When repairs or replacements are done by our team, we use high quality, up-to-date materials so that property owners can rest assured that their plumbing system will not cause issues for many years to come.

    Work with the Best Pipe Repair Experts in the Bay Area

    If you have old pipes in your property, give our team a call for a free estimate at any time. We can give you an idea of any potential issues that we see, as well as price out a replacement for when that time comes. Don’t wait until an emergency situation is at hand. Old pipes require vigilance on the part of the property owner, and our team is ready to lend a hand throughout the Contra Costa and Alameda County.

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