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    As experts in plumbing in Bay Area, CA, and the surrounding areas, General Plumbing & Rooter takes pride in offering innovative, cost-effective solutions. One of these options is trenchless sewer repair. It's a no-dig alternative to traditional excavations and can often be completed quickly and affordably. We offer this service in the following areas:

    Signs You Need Trenchless Sewer Repair

    Both minimally invasive repair and full-on trenchless sewer replacement in Bay Area, CA, and nearby areas become possible options when there are signs suggesting you have a sewer-related issue. Some of these signs include multiple slow or clogged drains; frequent clogs or backups; soggy patches on the lawn; and persistent or recurring drain odors

    Trenchless repair may also be right for situations involving damage related to invasive tree roots or pipe corrosion. Problems like this usually contribute to slow or clogged drains or leaks that become evident if you see unusual patches of lush vegetation around your sewer pipes outside.

    Importance of Trenchless Sewer Repair

    Trenchless pipe repair in Bay Area, CA, and other areas we serve is important because it can resolve a wide range of sewer-related issues. You also won't have to deal with wasted water, possible foundation issues related to long-term leaks, or costly drain repairs. Well-functioning sewer lines can also boost your property's value. These also minimize issues with odors, pests, and other things that can happen when sewer pipes are not functioning normally.

    Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

    One of the most appealing reasons to explore your options with trenchless sewer repair in Bay Area, CA, and the surrounding areas is the fact that no excavation work is necessary. This in itself is beneficial since you won't have to worry about costly landscape repairs once all work is done. Trenchless repair is also beneficial for the following reasons:

    • It's less labor-intensive, meaning the work can be completed much faster than what's common with excavation.
    • It's an environmentally-friendly technique since it's less intrusive.
    • As less equipment is needed, the entire process is often cost-effective and affordable.
    • It can reduce the odds of experiencing additional drain-related problems once all work is done.

    Process of Trenchless Sewer Repair

    The process of trenchless sewer repair or trenchless pipe replacement in Bay Area, CA, and the surrounding areas starts with a camera inspection. Our technicians will use results from a visual inspection of the affected pipe to determine if trenchless techniques can be used. If the pipe can be repaired or replaced without digging, the affected area will be reached through one or two access points. Repairs are then made internally. We use pipe bursting technology for severely damaged pipes.

    Apart from trenchless services, General Plumbing & Rooter provides:

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    Since 2005, General Plumbing & Rooter has been a trusted source for plumbing services and money-saving solutions such as trenchless pipe lining in Bay Area, CA, and nearby areas. We're also proud to be an A+-rated company by the Better Business Bureau with a 5-star review average on Yelp. Whether you're in need of spot repairs or urgent sewer repairs, we will diagnose and solve the problem and restore your peace of mind. Contact us today by calling our team or filling out the online form so you can schedule your appointment for:

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