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    In the past, traditional methods of pipe inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement were not practical for East Bay residents because they would leave you with excess damage and costly-bills. While excavation is necessary in some situations, our team at General Plumbing and Rooter specializes in trenchless sewer replacement technologies that Walnut Creek residents can count on. Trenchless technologies eliminate the need for extensive excavation that can ruin landscape. Our team is comprised of industry professionals who will always arrive at your property on time and prepared to complete a precise replacement of your Contra Costa County pipes.

    Signs Your East Bay Pipes Need Replacement

    At General Plumbing and Rooter, we know it can be difficult to tell when your pipes just need repair or full replacements, especially because pipe problems occur out of sight. No pipe problem is exactly alike, but there are common problems that can indicate your Walnut Creek pipes need to be replaced. Common problems you might experience include, but are not limited to, sewer backup or overflow, interior or exterior flooding, foul odors coming from your interior or exterior pipes, slow flushing drains, completely blocked drains, loud noises coming from within your pipes, or hearing the sound of running water but not being able to tell where it is coming from. When these problems occur, it can be easy to brush them off or think that they are temporary problems that will fix themselves. However, pipe problems are just as serious as other structural problems because they allow us to do everyday tasks in addition to allowing waste to flow away from your property. The only way to properly solve your sewer problem is to have your pipes inspected, so they can be fixed with the solution that best fits your East Bay pipe needs.

    Sewer Camera Inspection for Your Walnut Creek Property

    Before any type of pipe replacement can be conducted, your pipes need to be thoroughly inspected. Pipe inspection is the most efficient way to assess your pipe problems because it provides a way for our team to identify pipe problems without any hassle. The process begins with our team locating a cleanout hole on your property. If there is not a cleanout hole available, we will dig a small strategically placed hole to access your difficult pipe. When the access point is established, we will insert a high-definition camera into your pipeline and move it through your system. The sewer camera will provide us with a real-time view of your Walnut Creek pipe’s interior and show us all imperfections within your pipe system such as blockages, breaks, cracks, corrosion, tree root invasion, and excess debris. Severely damaged pipes or completely collapsed pipes will indicate that your pipes need replacement. Once the sewer camera inspection is complete, we can proceed with the best replacement service for your pipes.

    Trenchless Pipe Bursting

    The most effective pipe replacement service we offer at General Plumbing and Rooter is trenchless pipe bursting. The process of trenchless pipe bursting involves two access points that allow for the entry and exit of the devices we use during the replacement process. First, our team will choose a bursting head that will be able to move through the diameter of your East Bay pipes and fit a brand-new pipe to the bursting head. The bursting head and new pipe will be inserted into the initial access point and as it is pushed through your damaged pipe it will break it up into little pieces pushing it into the surrounding soil. When the bursting head has moved all the way through your pipe, it will be removed from the second access point and your new pipe will be fitted to your existing system.

    The pipe bursting process is extremely efficient for your Walnut Creek pipes because it performs the removal in conjunction with the replacement. This method of pipe replacement allows you to replace one section of your pipe or several pipes within your system. If you are interested in scheduling an inspection or pipe replacement, your local professionals at General Plumbing and Rooter are standing by and ready to assist you.

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