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  • 3 Reasons to Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaners on Your Walnut Creek Pipes

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    When the occasional clog occurs in drains, the first course of action for many property owners is to grab a jug of chemical drain cleaner for a DIY fix. While that may provide a quick solution and improve water flow for the moment, chemical drain cleaners have significant drawbacks in the long term.

    Chemicals Are Not As Effective

    Chemical drain cleaners do a decent job at eating through many different types of organic substances, but depending upon the size and make up of the clog, they may only dissolve a portion of what’s truly hindering the water flow. If that’s the case, then before long the problem will reoccur, and more chemicals will have to be used. This creates a cycle of clogs and chemicals that is not definitely less than ideal.

    Chemicals May Damage Your Pipes

    Most DIY solutions contain harsh chemicals designed to be a fix-all for whatever may be clogging up the pipeline. Property owners may think that long checklist on the label is a good value, but few stop to think of the ramifications. Chemicals flow through the entire system—not just the clogged part—and everything they touch is scathed by the dangerous elements in the solution. Pipe linings can be compromised by harsh chemicals which leads to bigger problems later on. If a chemical is designed to eat through dozens of blockages, chances are it will also cause damage to interior pipe surfaces.

    Chemicals Harm the Walnut Creek Environment

    Drain cleaning chemicals are not good for our Walnut Creek ecosystem. Every drain eventually flows into the surrounding waterways, and introducing such harsh chemicals to the environment can present long term hazards to plant and animal life. Take note of the biohazard warnings on the label. Drain chemicals are absolutely toxic for humans, and that means they’re harmful to other living things too.

    Ditch those chemical cleaners! Rather than using chemical drain cleaners, we recommend a much safer, gentler process called hydro jetting. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss the long term benefits of hydro jetting over using harsh chemical cleaners.

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