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    If you recently found sewage on your Antioch property, chances are, you had something terribly wrong with your sewer pipe. The most common culprit is usually a collapsed sewer pipe. When this happens, it is vital to your health that you make sure to call in professional plumbers who know how to replace that broken pipe as quickly as possible. Leaving that sewage on your property can make you incredibly sick, and the longer it sits there, the more expensive cleanup becomes. If you need a sewer line replaced, call General Plumbing and Rooter today.

    Signs Your Pipes Need Replacement

    This is a common question among people in Antioch. We get asked this often when we come out to service sewer pipes. People are typically unaware of what condition their sewer pipe is in, and we understand that. There are many different things that could lead you to facing the collapse of a sewer pipe. Perhaps you have a large tree on your property, and the roots have infiltrated the pipe. This is common, as well. Once a tree root gets into the pipe, it is only a matter of time before that pipe struggles and could collapse. Another reason your pipe may be weak is if it is old. The older a pipe is, the more likely it is to crack and collapse. In the past, some pipes were even made out of tarpaper. This means they are much more likely to disintegrate than PVC pipes are now.

    Trenchless Sewer Replacement Services

    When a sewer pipe collapses, typically, a lot of debris falls into the pipe. This makes trying to slide a new pipe inside the old one difficult, and at times, impossible. Instead of trying to use the old pipe as a guide, we use a process known as pipe bursting. This is when we burst the old pipe out of the way using pressurized air, and then pull the new pipe into place, using the old space from the original pipe as a guide instead. The process is easy with today’s tools, and we can typically replace your old, collapsed sewer pipe in far less time than it ever used to take. That way, you get a brand new pipe that works as it should, allowing you to have peace of mind for many years to come.

    Let Us Restore Your Antioch, CA Pipes Today

    At General Plumbing and Rooter, we would love to help you maintain the pipes of your Antioch property. We can come out day or night, traditional call or emergency, to help you with any type of plumbing need that may arise. Not only can we help with pipe bursting, but we can also help you with pipe maintenance, clogs, water heater problems, replacing old pipes, and so much more. Reach out to the experienced professionals we have on staff, and let us know how we can help fix your plumbing issues. Contact us today to schedule a pipe replacement service for your Antioch home or business.

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